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Name:Fes Naqvi
Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America

my journal is friends only...

i don't add people unless i know them in real life...

got a problem with that?

well then... c'mon... don't be shy...

give me a reason of how you think you know me and why you should be added here...

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Interests (150):, adrenaline, anatomy, animation, antimatter, arabic, art, astronomy, astrophysics, bacon, battlestar galactica, berkeley, biology, black & white photography, blues, brainwaves, brom, calligraphy, canterburry tales, chaucer, chemistry, chris cunningham, chuck jones, church of the subgenius, cinefex, claymation, cold weather, computers, dark, david cronenberg, david lynch, design, detail, dr. hal, drums, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, edward weston, elia kazan, erotica, erte, esquivel, existentialism, fine art, fitness, food, gene deitch, ghazal, giger, good friends, graphic art, graphic design, greece, greek, hand percussion, helicopter rescue, hermann hesse, hiking, hydrocarbons, individualilty, industrial design, intelligence, john alton, kant, khalil gibran, kierkegaard, kinesiology, king vidor, kissing, light, lindy hop, logic, long walks, love, m-theory, making out, mark hollis, matter, metaphysics, middle eastern art, mike mignola, molecules, monogamy, mountaineering, mr. bungle, music, neal stephenson, negativland, noir, noise, non-linearity, nudes, opposites, organic chemistry, orson welles, over the edge radio, paradise lost, percussion, persian, philoshophy, photo development, photosysthesis, physics, physiology, pixar, polarity, polygons, porcupine tree, pyrogallol, quantum physics, radiosity and global illumination, raita, ray harryhausen, reading, rendering techniques, robert monroe, robotics, rumi, sci-fi, science, sex, shadows, skydiving, snow, snowboarding, snowshoeing, softimage, sound, space, specular highlights, stars, stop motion animation, subdivision surfaces, super monkey ball, super string theory, swing dancing, tabla, talk talk, textures, tom and jerry, urdu, vas, vertex, visual effects, walter murch, winsor mckay, winter, women, zakir hussain, zen
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